Some Group Pictures

These models are perfect for the true E-type Jaguar fan. They chronicle the history and elegance of this great car. The models are made from a variety of different materials and come in are various different styles from different eras of E-type history.

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Corgi Toys
Nr 307

Corgi Toys
Nr 312



Corgi Toys
Nr 374 "Whizzwheels"

Corgi Toys
Nr 374 V12 "Whizzwheels"



Johnny Lightning

New Ray



Some blue coupe models

Some red coupe models



Le Mans 1962
coupe racing car nr 10

Le Mans 1963
Lightweight racing cars nr 14 , 15 , 16



Some red roadster models

Some green roadster models



Models made of glas

Models made of coal



Some pewter models

SnowWhite and 7 Dwarfs


Models in alphabetical order by makers
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Unknown manufacturers

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